About Us

EKO-GRUP offers premium organic and gourmet vegan products with a variety of choice. Our products are tasty, authentic, honest and of high quality. Our basic idea is to keep the taste of food to that of our childhood-when apples tasted like apples and tomatoes tasted like tomatoes.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to become a regional leader in producing premium quality organic vegan products, offering a wide range in every product category we operate.


By employing sustainable approaches, innovation, productivity and efficiency our mission is to produce and market premium quality vegan organic products and promote organic production, good health and ecologic lifestyle.

Our strengths

Innovation, productivity and quality are our strengths. We develop our products by ourselves; we produce raw materials or purchase them from local suppliers who share our values. We work closely with a number of enthusiastic farmers in obtaining the most suitable raw materials. In this way we combine the benefits of modern organic agriculture, sound environmental practice whilst also retain the wisdom and stability of the past.

Commitment to quality

Our product quality is our highest priority. Our processing facility applies modern food safety and quality management standards as well as strict measures to implement our policy of minimizing impact to the environment. The recipes for our products are balanced, wholesome and natural.

We practice careful use of sweetener. We dispense refined sugar, and sweeten our products with alternative sweeteners. Additionally, we rely on and gentle craft preparation methods, which are transferred to the entire production process. Therefore, we focus on small production series and work with flexible equipment.

Product Development

EKO-GRUP continuously invests in developing new products and in improving recipes in order to meet the expectations of the modern customers. Therefore, product development, by definition, is initiated by our customers.

This is one of the most important aspects of our company. Our devotion to innovation and developments enables us to introduce new and surprising products into the market and, furthermore, to extend our product range.

Consumer focus

We value our customers and respect their requirements, suggestions and criticism. Their needs guide our actions. We offer our customers and consumers the best service and top product quality at a best possible quality-price ratio.

For the export partners, we provide private labeling of our products. We consider the trust in private labeling our products a privilege and acknowledgement of our ability to offer premium quality products.

Environment focus

Our products characterize a business model of continuous and consistent social and environmental commitment. We are in persistent pursuit of offering the best, promoting environmental sustainability and supporting regional development.

We actively protect the environment through our actions. We believe that organic cultivation is the most important foundation for a sustainable economic future and an essential contribution for securing the future food resources. By producing and offering vegan organic products with high quality at fair prices and by promoting organic farming as well as ecologic lifestyle, we improve the public's health and thus improve their well-being which is a prerequisite for positive energy, joy, creativity and therefore forms the best platform for a positive lifestyle..

In our decisions we consider the protection of natural resources and the climate as well as the preservation of biodiversity. We take pride that our local production activity contributes to a global acknowledgment of respect for the environment.

Corporate Values

We take care of our staff. EKO-GRUP is a place where employees enjoy working. We treat each other fairly and respectfully. Good employee morale and long-term staff membership are both important for the company. In spite of the company's high expectation and demand for staff's performance, our employees are always supported, encouraged, and fairly compensated. Raw material suppliers are offered fair partnership, which reflects our overall consideration the social and economic conditions in their regions.